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How You See Deals is Changing! Metroplex 2.0 Launch Date Set for 5/1/2021 

New Submissions are no longer going to be emailed! Starting May 1st, 2021 submissions going to vendors will have to be pulled off of the customer management system. During a co-op 6 month long investigation with partner ISOs and Partner Funders we discovered someone from one of the lead generation organizations was selling full applications and bank statements on Fivver. We are thankful that no data from Metromedia Funding Solutions was involved, but as a continued commitment to the businesses that have entrusted Metromedia Funding Solutions with their business development or funding needs, we have taken an aggressive matter into upgrading our security profile file system.  All files that are viewed by vendors that work with Metromedia Funding Solutions must access information through our customer management system exclusively. Our Security and Web Development Team has worked countless hours to make this an easy system for all vendors. 

Here is how it works.

All vendors will be assigned an user ID for their company, Your ISO manager will be responsible for extracting information as needed, this will give the ISO manager access to all communication that has happened between the Metromedia Funding Solutions representative, and the merchant, it also gives them access to our underwriting file so your underwriters can make faster, and easier decisions on file. The system is set up to have live- on the fly communication with ISO managers, Metromedia Admins, Metromedia agents and the business owner. When you receive the submission file you will see a link in place of applications and banks, your ISO manager clicks the link and it takes them to the sign in screen where they will verify their identity and then be able to view the package, the link tells us when the package was opened, and by who. 

Funder Advantages By Using This System and FAQ's

Funders (iso managers) will have access to the sales rep and merchant and see all communication between us and the merchant, as well as our underwriting notes, and have the ability to request and refresh decision logic updates (free for you to use on Metromedia Funding Solutions files)  for the latest information, they will also have access to our secured Hellosign and Adobe Sign system (free to use for you for Metromedia Funding Solutions files) when it comes to sending documents to merchants, they can also request information such as social profiles before making decisions on merchants all by the push of a button. Faster Communication, Faster Closings and ongoing communication! It also alerts the funder if the merchant comes back for additional funding or if they order other services such as, video production or web development. Our system will not ask you to sync your system to it, nor is there a way to do so, because we believe that your system and our system should be separate for checks and balances sake and security for both you, as a vendor, and us, as the originator. The Metro 2.0 system will also give you instant access to additional tools you can use to upsell any client of your own for web services or for video production. Financing is available for your merchants directly with us. Video Production tools like social media commercials make a great give-away for winning competing offers. If you have never seen one of our commercials, you should click here

What If I cannot Use it because The Company I am with won't let me

The Alternative to using our system is, we can direct upload to your system (provided it passes our security), we can email submissions from a secured email program. Metromedia has elected to adopt the same email standards that the healthcare industry follows, which are the most stringent in security. The gmail days are gone, and the gmail will be destroyed the same day the Metroplex 2.0 goes live, 

How easy is it to use, and can I use it?

The system is as easy to use as Facebook, in fact, it is a lot like Facebook! We are operating on a custom built Hubspot style operation, we will require 2 step sign in for security of all of us. We will be adding a short tutorial here shortly to show you, and of course, our support team is available from 8:00 AM until 6:30 PM business days. Over the next couple of weeks we will reach out to every vendor and set each system accordingly. We appreciate your continued support.