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A Secured advance is where we use any property owned outright to secure your merchant cash advance! Companies will use this type of funding to get merchant cash advances or ACHCA cash advances with longer terms, more money and better rates!

For example a business is doing $8,000.00 a month on revenue with bad credit and short time in business may only get approved for $5,000.00 to start with. That same merchant with proof of property ownership may qualify for $40,000.00 on a term of 3 years to start off with on a secured advance. Speak to your Metromedia Funding Solutions rep for more information!

Q and A


What can be used as property to qualify for a secured advance?


You can use land, houses, owner and non owner occupied, large scale equipment, boats, commercial property, vehicles, trade tools, equipment and much more!


Can I still get same day funding?

In about 50% of cases there could be title work that must be recorded for land or property, in those cases it could take 2 weeks to get funded but on trade tools it could be same day.


How do I prove ownership?


You can use deeds, property tax bills, registrations, and much more. Ask your Metromeida Funding rep for more information.