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Circle City Magazine is under new management! Welcome Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC located on the circle, new owners.

Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC is a business funding platform geared to help small and medium sized businesses. Owner and founder Richard Moghadam, a Indianapolis native had been in the newspaper business many years back. A retired storm chaser and now syndicating investor behind Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC , he is a father to 5 and currently lives in Madison County. His staff and him plan to take this publication to the next level with a independent news reporting aspect. From new YouTube channels and promotions to follow, the vision is to put Indianapolis and Indiana back on top.


Press Release- Title Express has joined Metromedia Funding Solutions to expedite the  funding process. Additionally 40 independent sales organizations have also joined Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC to help their merchants and customers obtain funding. Back office support is also opening up a 2nd office in Anderson to help with the underwriting load to keep our funding process that has helped our company grow. A special thank you to our staff that has been working substantial overtime to keep America's small businesses funded.  

Additional jobs being provided to our community coming soon! Stay posted for more info. 

From The Jimmie Williams Show Season 2 Episode 4 - Revitalizing the Entrepreneurial Spirit Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC Management discusses funding post pandemic.

Press Release from the corporate office of Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC

Written by David "D.J."Jackson

The Business Network Insider 

Published 04/16/2020

Covid-19 has caused a disruption in businesses all across the world. The domino effect of states issuing stay at home orders compounded with the threat of getting sick has caused havoc on businesses all across the nation. The promise of the SBA rescuing businesses kept the morale up, but that came crashing down on businesses hopeful, and left behind with a fund that was broke. I learned about a few hedge funds that were linking together to still deploy cash amid the wrecked economy which caused me to investigate. I was directed to Moghadam, Love and Jyrome to learn about this new program to help businesses. 

I had the pleasure of attending a zoom meeting with 44 different investors when they brainstormed a concept to be able to deploy cash in this environment. Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC was coined the leader for these investors and knighted the deed of deploying the funding for these investors. A pooled correlation of funds was put together and a platform was born. Metromedia Funding Solutions will head up the 1.8 Billion dollar Catastrophe Response Team hedge fund for deployment into small and medium sized businesses.

I called Moghadam and discussed with him what did this mean? Moghadam explained it is a secured advance platform program. How it works is companies may advance cash against future revenue. I asked him how was that different than a merchant cash advance, he proffered that unlike a traditional advance they are reviewing what the revenue stream was pre Covid-19 and looking at the current state of the business. He further mentioned that unlike a traditional advance these are also secured with some other type of collateral.  He went into detail about how the collateral could be a 1st or 2nd position on any property the business owner is the owner of. I asked him what did that mean, he further mentioned many people have a mortgage and if they have a little equity we can advance like a home equity line of credit would. I asked him what was different than a HELOC and he further explained they are not traditional loans so they do not have to go through the the traditional underwriting would, reminding me a cash advance is a purchase of future income for cash now. He went further to explain how this allows business owners who are over extended on credit could get cash, even if they have bad credit. "The lien is recorded and dropped upon payoff, this works like a cash reserve for business owners because as they pay it off, they can pull more cash into the business as needed." Looking into the merchant cash advance industry made me inquire more information from him. Most merchant cash advances are 30-100 day terms, Moghadam said this program will be 9 months to 36 months on the term. Looking into factor rates I discovered there were companies that would require payback of $14,000.00 on $10,000.00 advanced, Moghadam mentioned that is what a traditional MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) would do. He pointed out that in the same cost but on a longer term," like 3 years that is actually not bad money. Moghadam went into further detail about if you borrowed money from a friend and said I need it for say, 2 years would it be worth it to you to surrender the extra $4,000.00 in that situation? To save your business and lively hood? Look at it this way you are essentially renting the cash, if you go rent a car you have to pay for the time you rent it. This is no different, bring it back , the same amount you borrowed and for the use of it in that situation it cost $167.00 a month to do it. That is like $5.50 a day and you can't get starbucks that cheap but you can get this cash that cheap." Strangely enough he is correct. Moghadam also mentioned there will be deferment programs and early payoff discounts available. He also mentioned there is no early payoff penalty. My next question is where is the Covid relief in this program? His answer blew me away. "In these types of transactions there is a 8% fee for origination that goes to the referring broker who would have bought you here. That money would normally come off your funded amount and you would normally have to pay for an appraiser and cover closing cost up front to get one of these. Where Covid relief came in on these is the fund is paying all origination fees for the merchant - 100% and also paying for the desk appraisal 100% for applicants. Now closing cost, we will front the cost of the title search and recording but the money from that will come off the funded amount. If they are deemed to use a ACH platform per risk assessment we will cover the cost up front and claim that at funding as well. The client is responsible for their wire fee upon funding- that comes off the deposit as well if so chosen." He goes further," no two merchants are alike in regards to how they underwrite or fund, you can have 2 McDonald's in the same town and they have different needs. Moghadam mentions this program is set up and ready to roll for as of 4/20/2020 they will start funding these. He also mentioned there is no shortage of applicants that need help. The phones ring all hours of the day and people need help. Moghadam also mentioned they are looking into several programs to help businesses stay open or re-open. Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC has agents across the country working out of several satellite locations that all report to the central office in Indianapolis. The platform also is known in the industry for having a underwriting department that is open 24 hours a day, and a back office support system that is cutting edge. Many companies we spoke to in the industry are familiar with them, and the company has a 5 star rating.

D.J. Jackson 

Staff Reporter

Business Network Insider