Metromedia Funding Solutions L.L.C.

Your friends in funding and business development.

A New Mexico Limited Liability Company! 

First Step- Get Pre-Qualified 

Your Metromedia Funding Solutions Rep Will Contact You. Be Prepared To Provide The Following:
Your I.D.
Proof of Business Ownership- this may be a E.I.N. letter or your Business Licence
Bank Statements from your business - This will allow underwriting to assess what you may be able to afford and how stable your business is. Underwriters will want to see statements for all accounts associated with your business. 

Underwriting may ask for other items to complete the underwriting process.


Once You Are Approved

We FUND same day (unsecured) or in 10-15 days (secured)

Secured Advances require title searches in order to fund. 

Covid-19 Update 

Please be advised there have been unexpected delays in title searches due to Covid. Our team is working diligently to speed the process up as fast as possible.


Underwriting or Your Agent will Contact You. They will ask for any remaining things Underwriting may wish to see, you will get a DocuSign or hard copy docs, at that time you will sign them and send them back as according to the instructions provided. After we get signed docs back we will then send you a link to validate your account ( decision logic ) and set up a call to go over the funding documents one last time and send a wire straight to your business checking account!