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It Took a Tragedy to See the Vision

February 1st, 1998 Rick started as a media marketing company that worked with several newspapers to provide photography and footage for news stories and with advertisers to create advertisements to bring more customers to them. On the side Rick started a general contracting company in the construction field that ended up growing faster than anyone ever anticipated. In 2012 he was growing faster than he could financially keep up with. His side company was worth over 12 million dollars and he had millions in new contracts and work to be done. He discovered he needed funding to help him grow the business, for payroll and also for materials. He went to his local bank that quickly rejected him because of his divorce. He started looking for funding for his business and was told if he took out an advance, he would soon qualify for a Five Million dollar credit line and would have the backing to run his business and continue to grow. Over the majority of 2012 and 2013 Rick followed the advice of this  broker who said if he took several advances his business credit would be in line to activate the credit line he was promised. During the time, Rick found himself in a situation where the payments were hurting his cash flow. He called the broker up in New York he had been dealing with and was advised to keep it going and he would be funded the five million by February of 2013. He was instructed by the legal council he was working with at the time, who referred him to the broker and his company to go ahead and use the escrow account to continue growing the business. In late 2012 he was following the direction of the lawyer and broker to continue the advances but, nothing was showing up. The customers tied to the escrow wanted refunds because his company was not able to preform the task they were hired to do. Rick found himself in trouble with the law because of it. The company found its self broke in March of 2013 and Rick did not know what to do. He called the lawyer and broker's company tied to the five million to discover they would not help him and would not discuss why. Rick took the downfall. During that time Rick had to deal with the destruction of his company. He lost everything, from family to property to freedoms. He had less than a dollar to his name. That was the day he decided to learn more about the funding industry to make sure that would never happen to another business again. Hours of research and relationship building went into developing the platform that exists today and Rick dedicated the rest of his life to make sure no one would go through what he went through. In 2017 he established the funding platform for businesses to find real funding. He knows the decisions he made in the construction company he made would have been different if he was not lied to the way he was. He found a industry that was full of brokers that lied to everyone and, it was even taught by some as a business marketing principal. Working 60-80 hours a week , he rebuilt his client base with many prior clients who knew and know him as a person and immediately signed on with him. He fought for his daughter and won a custody battle that stemmed across two states and built a book of business that is based on integrity and continues his vision of becoming the most dependable resource for business services any business in any stage can find. The damage done to Richard Moghadam from the lawyer and broker company will never be made whole to him. He went after both parties involved to discover the lawyer was not a real lawyer, even though he had went to his office several time, and the broker and his company that did this to him are still at large to this day. The customers that lost funds from the escrow have been made whole by the fruits of Rick's labor and now he continues the mission to make sure that no one ever goes through what he went through. He also has worked diligently to pay off the debts of his downfall.  He surrounds himself with funding companies that he screened and an array of business services that all work under his code of conduct. Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC services over 30,000 businesses across the country and has a 94% retention because the model Rick and his staff operate under is all described under one word-


Why Metromedia Funding Solutions?

We know anyone can fund a business, but we take the time to learn about your business and develop strategies to help you grow your business. Every business development coach involved works with you, and your business to develop not just funding, but develop a funding environment. The plan of using funding to grow is the center of focus with Metromedia Funding Solutions LLC Every business owner is offered advice and tips on how to use funding to make money for their business.

Marketing Legends with Advice and Funding to Back it up!

We are a group of business consultants in all industries who have one goal in mind- help you grow your business. The people behind Metromedia Funding Solutions are in many cases business owners in industries like yours. We work with Merchant cash advance groups, web development groups and branding groups to come up with a model to grow your business and use the merchant cash advance model to run the programs we recommend. Get a free evaluation to see if we are a good match. We also have additional connections to private funding groups outside of the merchant cash advance arena. 

More than Just Funding.

Continued support is vital to your growth and we focus on building growth patterns for your business. Existing customers enjoy calling and getting ongoing tips as we go through the journey of watching your business grow. We are here every step of the journey. Many folks inside Metromedia Funding Solutions are here because they are also business owners who did not have help in the past, and identified a need for a reliable group of folks where business owners can turn to for help. Folks who are passionate about growing business because they did not want another business owner to experience the struggles they experienced  in growing their businesses. We became that group of folks here to support business owners because there was nothing out there before us to support business owners.