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Covid-19 info:

As of 03/13/2020 we have directed our staff to work remotely until the threat of Covid-19 passes. Metromedia Funding Solutions will not lay off any staff or workers and has made provisions to allow our full staff to stay on board- as business as usual. In light to everything going on, underwriting is taking a little longer than normal, mainly due to application volume. Please understand some staff working remotely may contact you from personal cell phones or emails. We value our staff and our customers and wish all to remain healthy. For more information please call 317-649-0110.

Information on Covid-19 relief program is available by request. Programs are being added daily for businesses that do not qualify for traditional SBA relief programs for existing business owners only. Covid 19 relief programs for credit challenged business owners are also available.  

Call For More Information 317-649-0110

Obtaining a loan from a bank can be virtually impossible. Due to strict risk regulations, banks will turn down business owners with less-than-perfect personal credit or no collateral to place against the loan. Even if you do meet the strict requirements for a bank loan, the lengthy application and approval process can take months to complete.

Business opportunities won't wait for bank approvals or additional capital. With a business or merchant cash advance, you can instantly seize whatever opportunities come your way. We provide the best rates and terms, designed to build your business immediately and in the long term. 

Is a business or merchant cash advance the best solution for your company's cash flow? As long as you:

Average over $6,000.00 in sales per month
Have been in business for over 4 months 

And Bankruptcies are OK 

You are Pre-qualified! Call now to find out more about our cash advance products and get funding for your business fast!

A lot of business owners find it easier to get advances like these because they are NOT loans, they are purchase of future receivables from your business! The trade off? They are easier to qualify for because unlike bank lending, the underwriting to qualify for a company to buy receivables is MUCH more lenient than getting a traditional loan 

INFO ON RATES Rates on FACTOR are from 1.19 to 1.49 on advances

Rates on term advances are from 9% to 21% APR with approved credit 

Some restrictions apply please call for more information.

Info on terms:

Advances can go from 45 days to 10 years depending on the business, restrictions apply - with approved credit please call for more information.

Located in Indianapolis, however we serve ALL 50 states.

Business Funding, Credit Lines for Business, Business Loans and Merchant Services are all available.